Although Chinese food, especially deep-fried items, can be high in sodium and calories, other Chinese dishes are undeniably healthful due to the ingredients used and the way they are prepared. Here are some healthy Chinese food recipes to try:

Buddha’s Delight

Buddha’s joy (Luóhàn Zhai) is the real deal in terms of authenticity. Vegetarian Buddhist monks originally consumed it, but it has now achieved worldwide fame. It’s also a meat-free choice that’s still light and healthful for vegetarians who might feel confined by the menu at an American Chinese restaurant.

Vegetables, tofu, and a mild sauce are frequently used in this dish. Everything is steamed, which reduces the calorie content of typical Chinese takeaway dishes. Although not necessarily vegan, traditional recipes do not include egg or dairy, so verify with the Asian food deliveries’ menu ahead of time.

Hainanese ChickenHainanese chicken is all about is poached chicken with a chilli dipping sauce and garlic-ginger sauce. It’s best when it’s soft and juicy, and it’s served over savoury rice cooked in chicken broth. This dish is widely available at Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Thai restaurants.

The meat is extraordinarily soft and silky when done correctly, with a thick layer of fat and skin on top, similar to a gelée on top of liver pâté. The rice is likewise gently seasoned, with hints of chicken essence in every bite, and all the dish requires is a squeeze of lime or a dash of spicy sauce to fill you up on a hot summer day.

Winter Melon Soup

Winter melon soup, as the name implies, warms us up on cold winter nights. You can use pork ribs, bamboo shoots, or even meatballs to make this dish. Winter melons, also known as ash gourds, are high in dietary fibre, potassium, and vitamin C yet low in calories and saturated fat.

Even though soups are often a Cantonese specialty, winter melon soup can be available in most regional Chinese restaurants.

Broccoli With Shrimp or Beef

Shrimp is already low in calories, so it’s a fantastic place to start with this takeout staple. “These dishes usually come with garlic sauce, which is a healthier alternative to sweet and sour sesame. If you do not mind your carbs, serve it with a side of steaming brown rice to round off a tasty and filling meal.

Happy Family

Happy family, also known as triple delight, is a stir-fry consisting of vegetables, meat (chicken or pork), fish, and veggies.

It’s frequently served with rice and a thick brown sauce. Happy family is high in protein since it contains meat and seafood, and veggies, which offer fibre.

Light sauce, like other stir-fries, can be used to cut down on calories, fat, sugar, and salt.

To Finish With

Although some Chinese restaurant takeout alternatives are considered unhealthy, there are other healthier options.

Stir-fries are a good choice since they contain protein from meat or tofu and fibre and nutrients from vegetables.

You can also select healthier options and side dishes and limit your cuisine’s sauce and portion size.

It’s simple to choose healthier options at your favourite Chinese restaurant with this guide.