best grow lights

Sometimes we do not get our favourite vegetables and fruits in the place we reside. It is also possible that growing our favourite vegetable in the backyard is not possible because the soil is not supporting or the vegetables are not growing that tasty. What can you do in that situation? Indoor cultivation has recently gained huge popularity in all across the world.

If you are presently staying in such a place where it is difficult to get potatoes or it’s too expensive, then growing potatoes under hydroponic LED grow lights is the best option. A grow light will simply replicate the light spectrum, which is similar to the Sun. Specific lights are also available for boosting specific types of plants. In this post, we are going to discuss potato cultivation indoor.

What is the best substitute for sunlight?

Potatoes need sunlight to grow well and hence; it is grown in an open space where an ample amount of light is available. When it comes to indoor planting, direct sunlight is not possible, and so it can be replaced with regular fluorescent light. This light is the best substitute for the sunlight. Normally, it is required to give 14 hours of sunlight to the potatoes. Similarly, 14 hours of exposure to fluorescent light is equally necessary for indoor potatoes.

Quality and quantity of light required

Grow lights serve as sunlight and give the necessary fuel to the plants for their growth. Equally, quality of light matters a lot because they serve as energy production in the plants. At the same time, the quantity of light required for growing a certain plant also requires adequate attention. A wide range of grow lights is available in the market. It is necessary that you choose the one which can fit well with growing potatoes indoors.

These lights can lead to a vast impact on the plants, and so you need to be quite selective to ensure that your plant gets only the sufficient amount and quality of light required. The task of selecting the light for indoor potato growth is quite complex because the pigments available in plants help in capturing the specific wavelengths which come out from these lights. The growth and health of a plant will hamper if the source of light does not help in producing the adequate wavelength amount which is required.

Why LED grow light is the best choice for growing potatoes indoor?

LED grow lights make use of less energy and they keep the environment cooler as compared to halogen and incandescent lights.

Many people believe that it takes a lot to grow potatoes using grow lights. But it is just completely wrong because anyone having a little bit of gardening knowledge can easily set up the grow lights indoor for growing potatoes and other plants without any complication.

Hopefully, this article will help you in growing potatoes indoors. You need to gather a bit of knowledge about growing vegetables and fruits indoor before you actually start with it. Similarly, it is also essential to understand the type of light needed, wavelength, quantity and quality of light etc. before giving a start.